Application of OOP - object oriented programming

In the application of OOP . OOP has become one of the programming buzzwords today. Object oriented programming I appear to be a great deal of interested among software and excitement engineering is using object oriented programming (OOP). Applications of OOP are for beginning to much gain importance in many areas. 
Application of OOP - object oriented programming

In the world most popular application of OOP ,up to now ,has been in the area of user interface design such as Windows application. Very more windowing system have been development using object oriented programming language method.
Object oriented programming is useful these type of application because it's can simplify a complex problem like a real business systems are often much more Complex and contain many more objects with complicated attributes or methods.
  1. Simulation and modeling
  2. Real time system
  3. Neural networks and parallel programming
  4. Hypertext ,hypermedia and expert ext
  5. AI and expert system
  6. Object oriented database
  7. Office automation systems and decision support
  8. CIM/CAD/CAM Systems

The object oriented programming or richness government has enabled for the software industry is improve the note only quality of software systems but also it is productivity. OOP certainly changing the way of the software development engineering things, design, implement system and analyses.
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