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These are microprocessor 8086 are these are according to syllabus of JNVU Jodhpur this topic given below. Some topics we are provide in Hindi giving below points you can click her and read notes for BSc final year Computer Science. 

We are provide microprocessor notes for BSC Computer Science final year in Hindi you can check out from this link microprocessor 8086 and you can or following points notes get here 
Micro Processor Note Hindi Download -click here

microprogram control organizations: in this section :control memory ,address Sequencing microprogram and its sequencing, microinteractions format ,software aids ,advantage and application of microprogramming.. this is first unit of microprocessor.

In this second unit following topics are included : arithmetic processor ; addition and subtraction and algorithm , multiplication and division algorithms for arithmetic with two's complement. floating point arithmetic and decimal arithmetic operation and their hardware implementation these are included this unit

For 3rd unit are specially for Microprocessor 8086 in this unit these which topics are included like : organization of 8086 - instruction set , addressing modes and instruction codes, assembler directive and pseudo instructions, simple Assembly language programming example. interfacing with input output and memories ,8086 interrupt and DMA

Now 4th unit in these topics are include like that :-Auxiliary memory ,microcomputer memory, memory hierarchy, associative memory, virtual memory ,cache memory ,memory management .this topic or in Hindi

Inside period this topic I include analogue interface OP-AMP basic D/A converter ,DAC 0808, successive approximation,A/D converter ADC 0801 converter, software and handshaking , successive approximations with software, voltage controlled oscillator simple and hold circuits

For the exams question paper for the examination will be divided in 3 parts example section section B and Section C

every consider are also provide general knowledge ~ click here

In section A : will consist of 10 compulsory questions there will be 2 questions from each unit and answers of each Kishan small SBI Limited up to 30 word.

In section B: will consist of 10 questions to questions from each unit will be set and students with answer one question from each unit answer of each question smart be limited to 250 word it questions carry 30.5 marks.

In Section C : will consist of total 5 questions this paper setter will set 1 Kishan from unit and students will answer any three questions and answer of each question shell limited upto 500 words each questions will carry 7.5 marks

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